Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Time at Uncle Ricky's

We finally got to my brother's house around day break on Monday of Thanksgiving week. We had tons of stuff on our list of things to do but only 5 days to get it all in. We took a nap after driving all night and woke up to SNOW!! Wahooo, one prayer answered. It's quite rare to have a measurable snowfall before Thanksgiving.

This is my favorite window in the house. It's in my room and you can see deer, turkey, and black squirrels running's like looking into a snow globe!
As we were getting everyone bundled to go out and play, Rick and Kevin went out to shovel the drive. I'm sure Ricky "appreciated" the help, even though you get what you pay for...

By the time they were to the end of the drive, the new snow had covered what they just shoveled. This would exasperate me if I lived up North. Jared came out and decided that Kevin made it look easy to shovel the drive and decided to give it a shot. Um, nice try Jared...stick to inventions!

Jared lasted about 4.5 minutes and this included a few pushes with the shovel, a few snow balls to the siblings, and NO work on a snowman. I guess the white and fluffy is not his speed. Kevy and Ryan, however, decided to stay with me and make snowmen. I don't think I have ever made a "snowman". I usually make things like squirrels, turtles, bears, etc. The snow tells me what it wants to be :). The kids on the other hand had a great time dressing their snow people. Grandfather came out at one point and decided to make "a snowman that will be here until Spring" looks a tad like a pig, and we got creative with the decorations, but it was fun and we were making memories, all while Jared watched out the window. Is this the same kid that never wears a coat?!?
Later We saw a turkey wandering through the yard. I tried and tried to get a picture. I finally got it on film, but it was was fun to try and catch him-guess he was a bit nervous this week...

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Anonymous said...

Love the snow pictures. I am with Jared, I love to look at snow, it is so beautiful and it looks like lots of fun, but I don't like to wear a jacket and I hate being wet and cold!!!
Glad to see you had so much fun. The snowmen look great!