Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dynamo weekend

I just got off the phone with Rob. He and Kevin are having a great time down in Savannah, Georgia. The first game this morning was a 6-3 win for the Dynamos. Kevin got on the phone and told me he "almost" scored a goal. He did have one save, apparently he saw the kid running towards their goal, anticipated (that progress right there) and did a, head down, full out tackle. Obviously not what the other kid was expecting. A penalty kick was rewarded to the other player, but Kevin was happy because he got the save. Ummmmm, maybe football instead? :)
The second game the Dynamos lost 6-2 and I'm not sure who scored the goals. There was a ton of noise in the background with the boys playing the Wii in the hotel room. Kevy's having some bonding time which is great!

The swimmers were at Dynamo swim club in Chamblee today. At one point I made a weird face and pretended to see Phelps coming in the door. Poor Jared fell for it and then I felt kind of bad...kind of. He had a hard day. He added at least 2 seconds to each time. Kind of what I expected out of him at the last meet since he had been getting over a week long fever. This weekend he had plenty of rest (slept in which is rare for him) and had a good breakfast. I guess this was a "slow" pool, most swimmers times were up a bit--I find that so weird...water is water...I guess a ball is a ball and a lane is a lane...

Ryan had a really good day, she just loves to swim. In fact she spent about 45 minutes in the warm up/down pool today. Not goofing, just doing lazy laps and hanging with her new swim friends. She enjoys it and that's all that matters. I think she's become sort of a mascot with the coaches. Coach Falco keeps kidnapping her and carrying her around. The last two meets he's held her during the team meeting and cheer. It's a riot. Jared found a shirt that has "Pinky" on it (the little ghost from Pac Man) and he's bugging me to get it for her. She asked to do the 50 Breast today and held her own. She also did the 25 Fly for the first time and beat her time on the 25 Back. She was the ONLY 5 year old at this meet, boys and girls...go get 'um Firecracker!

I thought I would have some fun with photos since I didn't take my camera today:

Homer & Phelps

who's who? :)

Jared & Ryan meet Katie & Michael....

ready for the backstroke

fancy footwork by Kevy and Beckham

bend it...

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