Thursday, November 6, 2008

Giving Thanks---Early

Ok, so we decided a few weeks ago that we were going to go up to my brother's house in the frozen tundra of Michigan for Thanksgiving. Right after that a swim meet sign up went on the board. We signed Jared and Ryan up thinking we could leave right after the meet on Sunday. As luck would have it they are in the afternoon shift on Sunday so that puts us behind schedule by 5 hours--but we can still get up to Rick's in ok time.

We find out today that Kevin's team has been invited to play in a tournament in Savannah that same weekend. Looks like Rob and Kevin are off for a boys weekend together and I will take the swimmers to the pool. We should meet up around the same time on Sunday to keep us relatively on schedule! We're going to need that week long vacation after the busy weekend.
We are so happy and so lucky that the kids love their sports. It's so good for them and it's nice to see them have so much fun! We'll keep you posted and I'll try to get pics up of the crazy weekend.

Dynamos Fall 2008
Uriel, Alexis, Jaxon, Fred, Cristiano, Drew, Kevy, Max

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