Sunday, November 30, 2008

American Girl

We decided to take a small jaunt from Rick's house to Chicago--about 3 hours--to go to the American Girl store for Ryan (we then took the boys to the museum of Science and Industry, but this was the first stop on our Windy City Tour). She'll be 6 in January (already!?!) and in our house you can pick a pet when you turn six. Since we lost Foxi in May Ryan has been begging for a dog. We would all love to have a dog again but it's unfair. We travel a lot more now with swimming and soccer and our yard is not doggie friendly. Our hearts want one, but our heads know, Ryan chose to have an American Girl. She had her choice of any one she wanted and she picked the "bitty baby" with no hair. This is the closest she can get to how she looked anyways since they only have on doll with green eyes. The trip reminded me of when I made my trek to the Cabbage Patch (yes, I am that old...). I hope she will always remember the pilgrimage to the mecca that is the American Girl Place in Chicago.

Ryan Auburn and Izzy Rose

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