Monday, November 3, 2008

Always and Everywhere

Rob works with Laura's husband Matt:

his is Laura Bowman’s first children’s book. The inspiration for Always and Everywhere came from a desire to help raise money for her dear friend, Margie LaSalle and her family.

“I felt so helpless when it came to Margie‘s cancer. Initially, the children’s book provided an opportunity to help the LaSalle’s with expenses. However, writing the book was a cathartic experience. I was able to collaborate on the book with Margie and our mutual friends, which makes the message so much more meaningful. I also painted quite a few of the illustrations at her house while Margie and friends watched my young children. This special time with Margie was unforgettable. I learned so much about courage, the importance of friends and family and the will-to-live.”

Laura Bowman is an artist, living in the Atlanta area with her husband Matt and their children Kade 3-years, and Ryder 8-months.

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