Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kevy Soccer Pics

Sometimes, just sometimes, I amaze myself. I had gone through and edited these pictures, and in a moment of brilliance I put them all in a "blog" folder so all I had to do was upload them to the HomerHouse. Here we are a month later and I am pleasantly surprised when I was trying to figure out which pictures I should post of Kevin's last soccer game. Voila! It's done already! hehehe now I just have 6 more sets of pics to EDIT and then I can post. eeesh. I thought this was a hobby, I am getting way too far behind. There is no way I could do project 365...
But I digress, this is Kevin's post. He had a fantastic soccer team, they only lost 1 regular season game in Fall and Spring---that is AMAZING. It was a wonderful group of boys and I hope we can stay in touch as they all go to other sports/other soccer teams in the Fall. Kevin starts his first Football practice for the Kell Longhorns Jr team on Monday. Hopefully I will be caught up by then and post them in real time.
Pre game pep talk with:
Max, Christiano, Coach Alex, Alexis, Landon, Nick, Geo, Drew, Uri, Kevy, Jaxon
Put me in CoachThis face makes me smile--look at the determination!Hope he runs like this at football camp...Here's my words as this was happening..."Wait for it....wait for it...."
"stop the ball!""take it Kev it's yours!!....go Kev-Go!!"
"Stay in control....GO KEVIN!!!"
"Line it up---take the shot-TAKE THE SHOT!"
{enter crazy soccer mom screaming here}
...notice my friends hand in the shot as we both jumped out of our seats?? :)
Rob does this look all the time, I love this picture...
Awesome Team, Awesome Kids, Awesome Coach...what a GREAT year!

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