Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sky Valley 2009

For the 32nd year we ventured up to them-thar hills and went to Sky Valley. This has been a favorite start to summer since I was a year old (yes, do the math--I'm 33). The kids have started their own traditions and they can't wait for this trip each year. It's hard to believe that summer is here and school is out!! Rick was still in town from Memorial Day the weekend before so he got to see what's changed since he moved to Michigan.
One of the first stops is to the General Store where Jared used to go to buy "generals". Guess he didn't quite get it when he was little. The tradition there is to get smooshed pennies. Jared only has two more to go to fill his penny book--he gets these things everywhere and Rick brings them from all over as well. My favorite part of the General Store is the penny candies. I love those old candy sticks and I carry them in my purse all year long! Next stop is the Flea Market and you never know what you'll find there. Kevin is always on the hunt for fishing gear. This year Ryan got pink sunglasses, aren't they cool? We go from there to the Subway for our picnic lunch.
This year we took our lunch up to Sky Valley and ate at one of the new parks on property, it was really a beautiful afternoon. We did a bit of fishing, found some frog eggs and played some football. After a pit stop at the condo we went to the Falls for a hike, hence all the photos! This year we had to head back to the lake because of the kitten (no pets allowed) but next year maybe we can stay longer. Kevin was devastated and wanted to stay forever. Maybe next time Kev!
Our favorite falls on the property of Sky Valley...
...can't tell you how many pictures we have here...
This is Rick and the kids getting a closer look at the falls.This has to be one of my all time favorite shots. My dad was laughing taking this and I thought it was something one of the kids did while we were getting set for the picture. Nope, apparently my brother is being funny behind us...can you see him?? It makes me laugh everytime!!Mom and Dad

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Beautiful pictures with a beautiful family!!