Thursday, June 4, 2009

Haley's Homecoming

Welcome Home HALEY!!!
So moving right along in my blog-a-thon,the next event in the HomerHouse was bringing home baby Haley. I HAVE to edit these pictures because of red eye. Her beautiful blue eyes are so difficult to capture correctly on's such a weird thing. You can see red eye with Haley without a camera, sometimes the light catches her just right and she has natural red eye-bizarre. The other trouble is that she is in constant motion. Most of her pictures are just a creamy blur.
She is a great addition to our home and Ryan is so happy to have a baby of her own. The big cats are getting used to her being around even though she has her "Nermal" moments. This makes me laugh...I was a HUGE Garfield fan and I will post a picture just for fun, but Nermal was the annoying "little cat" in the house. We say time and time again how much the cats resemble their "owners"...Aubie is laid back (lazy even:)) like Jared. Ramsay is a hunk-a-chunka-munka and a bit spastic like Kevy. Haley is one rough and tumble kid-she can run with the big dogs, so to speak but has that aura of annoying little sis, just like another little "Kitten" I know ;) One of her coolest traits is that she wags her tail. Never seen anything like it, it makes me laugh. She loves pipe cleaners like Ramsay but she will not fetch-she will bat them around on the floor for hours. Great independent playtime :)
I love this shot with her sitting up playing with wormy
Standing with wormy...
Loves climbing...oh dear!
hehehe, here is Garfield (aka Aubie) and Nermal (Haley)...anyone else see something funny in this picture?? Like "kitty litter sand castles" maybe??? Too bad that was before I started blogging, but Ryan used to make them ALL over the house. The irony of this picture was too perfect!

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