Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lake Hartwell Summer 2009

We've been going back and forth to the lake quite a bit especially since Rob is traveling so much more. Here are some pictures off my dad's camera from Memorial Day and the following weekend (Rob's Memorial Day:))

Uncle Ricky and the boys on the new Yamaha (wonder why the are all wet?:))
Jenni, Trey and Rich on the Yamie
Kevin in his "Happy Place"
Cris, Eliza and Ryan on the Bruno's sea do...

Rob's Memorial Day came the next weekend. I was at work and finished up early so I headed home. When I got in the door I was greeted by packed suitcases and a house full of people ready to hit the lake. We were on the water by 2 pm and we spent the next couple days in the sun. Saturday was Sky Valley (pics in the next post) and then Sunday was learn to ski day. Kevin went first and did a great job. Not quite as easy for him as a couple years ago. Jared gave it a shot and really just bounced on the water, maybe next time. Ryan got up on the first try. No kidding. The girl has some crazy sports talent. Granted, her style needs some work, she went the entire way in the duck and cover position, but she still did it. When mom and dad got home from church, we had her do it again for the camera.
arms straight, knees bent, tips up......stand up when you're ready RyRy....

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